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IUP Pharmacy in Brief

As one of the oldest faculties at UGM, the Faculty of Pharmacy has a long history of graduating alumni with excellent performances in the area of pharmacy. A wide range of alumni workplaces covers community pharmacies/drug stores, primary healthcare, hospitals, pharmaceutical and herbal industries, non-government organizations (NGOs), and government bodies.

The Faculty of Pharmacy continuously maintains its tradition by graduating students with qualifications to study and work abroad. In 2021, the Faculty of Pharmacy launched its IUP to fulfill the global need of citizens that can work across borders. In recent years, many Indonesian pharmaceutical companies have been expanding overseas. Vice versa, many international companies (pharmaceutical industries or hospitals) are trying to enter Indonesia to compete for the Indonesian market. Thus, it is important to provide higher education of pharmacy targeting globally-oriented students.

The IUP Pharmacy is an integrated part of an undergraduate pharmacy program in the Faculty of Pharmacy UGM. It adopts outcome-based education to ensure its graduate quality. Its graduates are set to have the ability to pursue a further career in clinics, industries, or laboratories.

Course Overview

IUP Pharmacy students learn basic pharmacy courses according to the existing curriculum in the first and second years. International exposure is not yet introduced at this stage. However, they are welcome to participate in any international exposure activities offered by UGM or other institutions.

As part of the course at IUP Pharmacy UGM, international academic exposure is given in the third and fourth years through various guest lectures, short courses, and exchange programs. At the beginning of the third year, students must take part in an exchange program at overseas partner universities in Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Germany, and the Netherlands. An exchange program allows them to participate in collaborative research, short courses, or classes that support their studies.


The IUP Pharmacy is supported with a modern classroom, integrated research laboratory, greenhouse, laboratory animal handling unit, green zone, sports center, student account, computer center, and software for research and education. Its teaching staff are graduates from top international universities with good English communication skills

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