Vision, Mission, and Objectives

The vision of the Bachelor in Pharmacy Program is to be a pioneer in pharmacy undergraduate education which excels at the national level and international level as well as serves the interests of the nation and humanity imbued with Pancasila.


  1. Provide an undergraduate pharmacy education that receives national and international recognition.
  2. Conduct research in the field of pharmacy based on science and technology to solve health and humanitarian problems.
  3. Perform community service that benefits community welfare.

Program Educational Objectives (PEO)

The graduates of the degree program are expected to achieve all the following values:

  1. To have leading knowledge in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process, including production, quality control and assurance, inventory control, and distribution.
  2. To have essential knowledge and skills in pharmaceutical care to collaborate with fellow health personnels in clinics and community.
  3. To have excellent managerial skills to conduct pharmacy practices.
  4. To engage in lifelong learning, especially to pursue higher degree including the pharmacist professional degree.