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International Academic Exposure

          The IUP Pharmacy students are expected to attend a mandatory exchange program for 1-6 months at international partner universities. The program will include attending regular classes or participating in research assignments under joint supervision between UGM and partner universities. The students are also encouraged to participate in international short programs (3-4 weeks), including lecture series, summer courses, conferences, or seminars. Exchange programs and collaborative activities are held with partner universities in Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Germany, and the Netherlands.

          In 2022, two of IUP Pharmacy students Class of 2021 took a winter course in Hanyang University, South Korea from December 23rd , 2022 to January 6th , 2023. They learned about Strategic Management and Korean Beauty and Makeup Class along with Korean Pop Dance. Meanwhile, in 2023 to early 2024, five of IUP Pharmacy students Class of 2021 took winter course in Korea University International Winter Course and Istanbul Aydin University WInter Course. Later in 2024, there will be a student mobility of IUP students of Class of 2021 to the University of Groningen, the Netherlands.


Prospective Student

Admission Period

Activities First Intake Second Intake Third Intake
Registration January 11 – February 8, 2021 March 17 - April 12, 2021 May 10 - June 7, 2021
Entrance Examination February 19 - 20, 2021
April 22 - 25, 2021 AcEPT : April 22, 2021 GMST : April 23, 2021 2nd phase : April 24 or April 25, 2021
June 17 - 20, 2021 AcEPT : June 17, 2021 GMST : June 18, 2021 2nd phase : June 19 or June 20, 2021
Announcement of Examination Result February 26, 2021 May 3, 2021 June 28, 2021

Examination Scheme




Test Material


Only held if quota available

Gadjah Mada Scholastic Test (GMST)

Verbal, quantitative, reasoning


English Proficiency Test (EPT)

Listening, structure, reading


8-10 am


Only for those pass the GMST and EPT

Eligibilities and Procedures Eligibilities

Indonesian Candidates

  • Graduates of Indonesian high school qualification (Natural Sciences/IPA) of the last three years (2021, 2020, 2019)
  • Or A-Level qualification or IB qualification (Compulsory subjects include Biology and Chemistry)
  • English proficiency score 525 (ITP); 5.5 (IELTS); 69-70 (IBT)
  • Non- color blindness certificate

Overseas Candidates

  • Maximum age is 21 years old on May 18 for each admission period
  • Certificate of national and/or international awards in academic or non-academic (sports championship/performing arts championship (if any))


  1. Sign up for an application account at
  2. Complete the online application form and upload the following documents (minimum 150kb and maximum 200kb):
For applicants who graduated in 2019 and 2020 For applicants who will be graduated in 2021 Format
High school graduation certificate SAT/A-Level/International Baccalaureate or equivalent certificate   *.pdf
High school academic report from grade 10 to 12 High school academic report from grade 10 to 11 and the first semester of grade 12  *.pdf
National Examination Final Score transcript/SKHUN (if any)   *.pdf
ID Card (SIM/KTP/Passport/Student Card) ID Card (SIM/KTP/Passport/Student Card) *.pdf
Certificate of awards (if any) Certificate of awards (if any) *.pdf
Document authenticity statemen Document authenticity statemen *.doc/*.docx
  1. Admission Card can be printed on the day, as mentioned in your application account.
  2. Those who passed the test should upload the following documents.
Colour Vision Certificate Colour Vision Certificate *.pdf
Free of drug/alcohol-addiction certificate Non-addiction certificate *.pdf

About Us

IUP Pharmacy in Brief

As one of the oldest faculties at UGM, the Faculty of Pharmacy has a long history of graduating alumni with excellent performances in the area of pharmacy. A wide range of alumni workplaces covers community pharmacies/drug stores, primary healthcare, hospitals, pharmaceutical and herbal industries, non-government organizations (NGOs), and government bodies.

The Faculty of Pharmacy continuously maintains its tradition by graduating students with qualifications to study and work abroad. In 2021, the Faculty of Pharmacy launched its IUP to fulfill the global need of citizens that can work across borders. In recent years, many Indonesian pharmaceutical companies have been expanding overseas. Vice versa, many international companies (pharmaceutical industries or hospitals) are trying to enter Indonesia to compete for the Indonesian market. Thus, it is important to provide higher education of pharmacy targeting globally-oriented students. read more